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Explore our educational videos bridging research and practice in children, youth and family issues, and learn about promising practices for promoting health in children and families. For more videos on these and other topics, go to the CYFC YouTube channel and subscribe!

Healthy bodies, healthy minds, healthy learners

See the exciting transformations and hear from project partners about what this partnership means to the community of Bruce Vento Elementary School.

Historical Trauma and Cultural Healing

What is historical trauma and how does it affect individuals and communities? Learn more about the effects of historical trauma, and the ways communities use cultural practices to foster healing. Read more about historical trauma in our October 2010 eReview: Historical Trauma and Microaggressions (PDF).

Watch the full seminar series on historical trauma and cultural healing: Historical Trauma Full Seminars.

Promoting Children’s Mental Health

What do you think of when you hear the phrase “mental health?” Mental Health: Yours, Mine and Ours shows us how children’s mental health is a public health issue.

For more, see our recent publication on how social emotional learning is linked to children’s mental health, or learn more about how nature can be beneficial to mental health.

Parental Incarceration and Strengthening Families Affected by Incarceration

An estimated 1.75 million children in the U.S. had a parent in a state or federal prison in 2007 (Maruschak, Glaze, & Mumola, 2010). How does parental incarceration affect children and families? Learn about the research on parental incarceration, hear from adults who have parented from behind bars, and learn what providers can do to support families affected by incarceration. Read more about parental incarceration in our June 2013 eReview: Children with Incarcerated Parents (PDF).

Wonder Years: The Science of Early Childhood

Are children just little adults? What do little babies see? And why to relationship matter? These short videos highlight the science of what we know about early childhood development featuring the Wonder Years Exhibition at the Science Museum of Minnesota.

Trauma and Trauma Sensitive Practices in Early and Middle Childhood

How does trauma affect how children think, act, and learn? Learn more about trauma, it’s effects on young children’s brains and behaviors, and useful skills for working with children in trauma-sensitive ways. For more information see our eReviews on how trauma gets under the skin, and how trauma affects infants and young children.

Child Welfare and Education Systems: Cooperation & Collaboration

What do Minnesota professionals have to say about how child welfare and education systems interact in Minnesota? What can be done to enhance professionals ability to provide high quality services to families? Learn more about what professionals across child welfare and education systems have to say about increasing cooperation and collaboration across systems.

Take a deeper dive into child welfare and education systems:

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Homelessness & Resilience — Watch our Lessons from the Field seminar on homelessness in youth and interventions to promote resilience or read our April 2013 eReview: Risk and Resilience in Homeless Children (PDF).

Race, Culture & Children’s Mental Health — Watch our Lessons from the Field events on the importance of understanding culture, immigrant and refugee trauma, and issues of violence that impact children’s mental health.

Trauma & Implications for Intervention — Watch our videos on the effects of trauma on the brain and behavior, and promising methods of intervening with children who experience trauma.

Relational Aggression & Reducing Bullying — Watch our series on relational aggression, bullying, and potential interventions or see our Lessons from the Field Families and Youth page for presenter information.

Managing Emotions in Teens — Watch our series on neurobiology of emotions, challenging behaviors, and promising practices for youth or see our Research to Practice Series page for presenter information.

Autism Spectrum Disorders — Watch our Lessons from the Field presentations on Autism Spectrum Disorders or see our Lessons from the Field Autism Spectrum Disorders page for presenter information.

Attachment — Watch our Lessons from the Field presentations on Attachment or see our Lessons from the Field Attachment page for presenter information.

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