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CYFC Update


CYFC Update — June 2016

Update on CYFC's Partnership with Bruce Vento Elementary School

Judy Myers — Extension Educator

Consortium News

If you visit Bruce Vento Elementary School on a school day, you’re bound to see students working outdoors in the school yard garden. After searching for ideas on the internet, one group of students built a trellis for green beans. Other students painted signs for each raised bed, designating the grade responsible for caring for those plants.

Students have been diligent about watering and pulling weeds. And when Principal Scott Masini delivered several loads of mulch in his pick-up truck, students made quick work of spreading mulch around all the garden plots. 

Students also had definite ideas about what they’d like to grow this spring, planting vegetables and herbs that will be ready for harvesting when they return to school in September. The fourth grade classes planted a salsa garden (featuring vegetables and herbs that go into salsa), with hopes of making enough salsa to share with classes in the fall. The second graders elected to plant sweet potatoes, while still other classes prepared new beds for watermelons, raspberries, and pollinator flowers. Overall, more students and teachers used the garden beds for learning about plants, insects, and healthy eating.

Other food and nutrition news from Bruce Vento includes Jennifer Ogren’s cooking classes with third grade students. Jennifer is an Extension community education educator with EFNEP (Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program). Due to popular demand, Jennifer also conducted an advanced series of cooking classes with parents this spring. These parents had already completed a first cycle of four cooking classes with Shirley Vang, SNAP-Ed educator, and requested the advanced cooking classes to learn how to cook more traditionally “Western-style” dishes such as pancakes and waffles.

The CYFC school partnership with Bruce Vento School remains strong and vital. We at CYFC are committed to maintaining and sustaining this relationship as we complete implementation of the Issue Area Grant this summer. Through evaluation of the partnership, we anticipate highlighting the most essential components of this partnership that may inform future partnerships with other schools.

Moving forward, we are exploring funding sources that will allow us to expand efforts to create calm and healing environments for teachers, staff, and students at Bruce Vento. These initiatives include: 1) creating a sanctuary room for teachers and staff; 2) integrating more nature elements into the building interior; 3) redesigning the cafeteria to include calming and communal interaction spaces; and 4) extending the current playground to include adventure nature elements that invite unstructured, exploratory, and collaborative play.

Center for Family Development Announcements

Get Talking About Mental Health
The May–June issue of Extension’s Latino Financial Literacy Program newsletter features an article written by Silvia Alvarez de Davila titled “Call for Action: Get Talking About Mental Health.” The Latino Financial Literacy Team helps recent immigrants of Latino ethnicity understand U.S. financial information and systems. Read the article in English or Spanish.

Silvia also served as co-author of the recent Children’s Mental Health eReview titled “Falling Behind: Understanding the Educational Disparities Faced by Immigrant Latino Students in the U.S."

CYFC Welcomes Katherine Allen
Katherine Allen has joined the CYFC team as a summer intern. Katherine is helping staff strengthen CYFC’s research base and build stronger relationships with community partners by completing literature reviews, updating research content, creating online and social media text, and reaching out to targeted communities.

Katherine comes to CYFC from Haverford College in Haverford, PA, where she is pursuing undergraduate degrees in biology and sociology. She has experience in conference planning, as well as the subject areas of public health, children’s mental health, and the effects of incarceration on families and communities.

Symposium to Examine Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health and Curricula
Sponsor: Minnesota Association for Children’s Mental Health
Dates: July 27–28
Cost: $375 through June 15; $395 after June 15 (scholarships are available)
Location: Collegeville, MN

The second “Faculty Symposium on Embedding Core Principles of Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health into Curricula” is for Minnesota-based faculty members teaching at two- or four-year institutions and working in the fields of family sciences, public health, nursing, social work, early child care and education, early intervention and early childhood special education, mental health, early childhood and parent education, speech, and communications. Attendees will explore cutting-edge research, theory, and application, and they will work collaboratively with peers across disciplines as well as receive instructional units and resources to embed into existing courses. CYFC's Sara Langworthy, Ph.D., will address the symposium. Learn more and register here for the symposium.

University & Community Announcements

Market Bucks Now Available at Farmers Markets

graphicSNAP users can now “spend $10, get $10” with their EBT card at farmers markets across Minnesota through Market Bucks. The Market Bucks program matches SNAP-EBT customers’ dollars at 78 participating markets. (Find a participating farmers market near you: Find Your Local Farmers Market.) Hunger Solutions Minnesota has been busy signing up farmers markets and distributing Market Bucks materials. Read more about the program on FD’s Family Matters blog.

Farm to School Leadership Team Report Releasedmagazine cover
Stephanie Heim, associate program director — community food systems, recently issued a report of cross-sector collaboration that highlights the functions of Minnesota’s Farm to School Leadership Team. Developed after 22 interviews with current and past Farm to School Leadership Team members, this report documents the processes and outcomes of the Farm to School Leadership Team’s collective efforts over the past five years. The report also highlights successes, as well as tensions that occurred, while documenting the history of farm to school in Minnesota. See the entire report on FD’s Family Matters blog.

Your Money, Your Goals Toolkit Training Registration Now Open
Sponsors: Center for Family Development and Consumer Financial Protection Bureau
Dates: Summer 2016
Cost: Free
Location: Sites across Minnesota

The Your Money, Your Goals (YMYG) Toolkit training sessions will introduce participants to the components of the YMYG Toolkit, an assortment of financial empowerment tools and information for individuals and families. The training sessions are designed for social service staff, case managers, direct service providers, and other frontline staff who want to help their clients understand their own financial situations and connect them to resources in their community.

Visit FD’s YMYG website to learn more about the program. To register for a YMYG Toolkit training session near you, visit this webpage. The training sessions run from June 30 to September 8.

University & Community Announcements

Communication-Based Strategies for Self-Regulation Workshop Set for Mid-July
Sponsor: Minnesota Association for Children’s Mental Health (MACMH)
Date: July 14, 2016
Cost: $152.15
Location: White Bear Lake, MN

Join Christine A. Wing, C.C.C., S.L.P., Ph.D., for a workshop focused on the factors that impact the development of language and self-regulation. Self-regulation is the ability to remember and connect information, use problem solving techniques, control impulses, delay gratification, and be persistent. Self-regulation is critical to successful functioning in society. Learn more and register on the MACMH website. Select the first workshop under “Workshop Selection” at the bottom of the webpage.

Special Training on the Neurosequential Model of Therapeutics Planned for October
Sponsor: Minnesota Association for Children’s Mental Health (MACMH)
Date: October 18, 2016
Cost: $199–229
Credits: 6 continuing education hours
Location: Burnsville, MN

The Bruce Perry, M.D., Ph.D., of the Child Trauma Academy will give participants an overview of the key principles of neurodevelopment, describe emerging clinical and research findings in maltreated children, and explain the clinical implications of a neurodevelopmental approach to child maltreatment. The Neurosequential Model of Therapeutics approach will be presented as a tool to help professionals create an individualized intervention, enrichment and educational plan to meet each child’s unique needs. Learn more and register on the MACMH website.

Podcast Focuses on the Teenage Brain and Teen Behavior 
Sponsor: MomEnough

Marti Erickson, Ph.D., founding director of CYFC, and her daughter, Erin Erickson, recently interviewed David Walsh, Ph.D., about the immense changes in children’s bodies and brains during adolescence and how these changes drive their desire to challenge ideas and authority. Listen to the podcast on the MomEnough website

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