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Our Publications

Featured Publications

New for teachers, parents, and others who work with youth — A summary of the Children's Mental Health eReview "Mental Health of Transgender Youth — The Role of Family, School and Community in Promoting Resilience".

Latest edition of CYFC Update: Promoting mental health and wellness: Extension CYFC co-hosts Dr. Corey Keyes.

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Promoting Children's Health and Well-being

Children's Mental Health eReview: Transgender Youth — Learn about the mental health of transgender youth, including the role of family, school and community in promoting resilience. Read a summary of this issue (PDF).

Children in Common: Ensuring the Emotional Well-being of Children When Parenting Apart (PDF) — Research and practice summary of coparenting to promote child well-being.

Benefits of Nature to Children's Mental Health Maintenance (PDF) — Research summary on the benefits of nature spaces for children’s mental well-being.

Healthy Bodies, Minds and Learners Blog — Updates from the partnership with Bruce Vento Elementary school on creating environments to build healthy bodies, healthy minds and healthy learners.

Social Emotional Learning: Implications for Enhancing Children’s Mental Health (PDF) — Issue brief on social emotional learning as important component of enhancing mental health in children.

Children's Mental Health as a Public Health Issue (PDF) — Outlines how a public health approach to children's mental health with a focus on prevention and lists public policy implications.

Risk and Protective Factors Associated with Children's Mental Health (PDF) — Discusses risks and protective factors in children's ecological contexts and ways that public policy contributes to these.

Pressing Topics

Trauma and Stress

Parents and Stress: Understanding Experiences, Context and Responses (PDF)

How trauma 'gets under the skin': Biological and cognitive processes of child maltreatment (PDF)

The Impact of Trauma on Infants (PDF)

What is Trauma and Why is it Important? (PDF)

Risk and Resilience in Homeless Children (PDF)

Attachment Relationships and Adoption Outcomes (PDF)

Stress and Resilience in the Workplace and Beyond

Parental Incarceration

Children with Incarcerated Parents: Considering Children’s Outcomes in the Context of Complex Family Experiences (PDF)

Children’s Book Review — Parental Incarceration (PDF) — List of children’s books that address the topic of parental incarceration.

Views on Visitation (PDF) — Summary report on discussion of promoting family-friendly visitation practices in prisons and jails.

Race, Education and Health

Children and Youth Mental Health and Educational Attainment (PDF) — Discusses the significance of early life experiences in shaping children's mental health and those with least access to appropriate services.

Healing Racism-The Time to Act is Now (PDF) — Discusses racism as a learned behavior, its impacts on schools and students' experiences, and approaches to systems change.

Falling behind: Understanding the educational disparities faced by immigrant Latino students in the U.S. (PDF) — Outlines challenges facing Latino students that contribute to education disparities within an ecological perspective.

Historical Trauma and Cultural Healing

Historical Trauma and Microaggressions: A Framework for Culturally-Based Practice (PDF)

Historical Trauma Book List (PDF) — Book list of relevant texts that explore the complexities of historical trauma from a variety of diverse perspectives.

Historical Trauma Research Article List (PDF) — Research articles that examine historical trauma and cultural healing.

Education and Health

CYFC Theme Evolves to the Interaction of Education & Health Disparities (PDF) — Outlines five forms of interactions between health and education disparities and discusses how developmental and ecological perspectives shape understanding of these interactions.

Poverty as a Root Cause of Poor Educational and Mental Health Outcomes for Young Children (PDF) — Discusses characteristics of young children and their families in Head Start/Early Head Start programming and different layers of support to benefit them within an ecological framework.

The Interaction of Educational and Health Disparities (PDF) — Discusses the interactions of children's mental health and education, using examples from Duluth Public School's Safe Schools/Healthy Students early childhood programs.

Child Welfare and Education

Building Collaborations Across Child Welfare and Education Systems (PDF) — Report on the Minnesota statewide focus groups with social service and education professionals about enhancing collaboration across child welfare and education systems.

Bridging Child Welfare and Education Systems (PDF) — Infographic highlighting the findings from the Minnesota statewide focus groups on collaboration across child welfare and education systems.

Creating Trauma-Informed Systems of Child Welfare (PDF)

Get the Data, Share the Data, Use the Data: Recommendations from the 3-state Child Welfare and Education Learning Community (PDF) — Report on importance of data gathering, sharing and use between child welfare and education systems from three state collaboration.

Collaboration across Minnesota child welfare and education systems: Statewide survey findings (PDF) — Survey results report on collaboration across child welfare and education systems in Minnesota.

Other Staff Publications

Pinterest for Parent Education — Brianna Routh, Sara Langworthy, and Hannah Jastram Aaberg, Journal of Extension

Is Youth Homelessness a Hopeless Problem? — Sara Langworthy, Youth Development Insights Guest Blog

Social-Emotional Learning and Children’s Mental Health — Cari Michaels, Youth Development Insights Guest Blog

Start Seeing Youth with Incarcerated Parents — Sara Langworthy, Youth Development Insights Guest Blog

Past Publications

Consortium Connections — See past issues of this digest publication archived in the University Digital Conservancy.

Evidence-Informed Policymaking: Increasing Outcomes and Accountability for Children, Youth and Families (PDF) — Briefing report on the 2010 Minnesota Family Impact Seminar.

Policy Issues in Special Education Finance (PDF) — Briefing report on the 2009 Minnesota Family Impact Seminar.

Options for a Responsive & Accountable Early Childhood System in MN (PDF) — Briefing report on the 2008 Minnesota Family Impact Seminar.

President's Initiative on Children, Youth and Families (PDF) — The Final Report of the President's Initiative that was managed by the Children, Youth & Family Consortium.

Savvy Use of Research: Tips for Policy Makers (PDF) — Being an informed consumer of research and determining when research findings are questionable and when they can be trusted is important for good policy-making.

Survey of social/emotional supports and services in Minnesota schools (PDF) — The purpose of this study and appendix (PDF) to empirically examine the social/emotional supports and services provided in Minnesota schools.

The Interaction of Education and Health Disparities — (excerpted from Consortium Connections Fall, 2009). Learn about the complex interplay between education and health at the core of CYFC's work.

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