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Children's Mental Health eReview

The November 2015 eReview issue "Children in Common" received a University of Minnesota award for writing. Read the May 16 blog post or scroll to "All eReview Issues" to read the publication.

This informative, free, and accessible online publication uses a holistic approach to integrate research and practice expertise to improve services and promote children’s mental health. Each issue of Children's Mental Health eReview features research-driven articles from community-based professionals. The information and perspective in the articles relate to diverse fields of practice.

Readers have said that the use of images keeps the publication from feeling ‘academic’ and that the diverse articles from people with varying expertise and perspectives result in a narrative that is engaging and understandable and contains information that readers would not normally have access to read.

Current Issue

Falling Behind: Understanding the Educational Disparities Faced by Immigrant Latino Students in the U.S. (4.2 MB PDF) — Evaluate this issue.

All eReview Issues

What Our Readers Are Saying

“After I started reading 'Risk and Resilience in Homeless Children' I couldn't stop. Excellent work.”

“I gained a greater understanding of the situation for the children of the incarcerated parent(s).”

“They have all been interesting and informational. I want to learn all I can when working with children. I have been working in my field for 19 years and I can still learn more.”

“They are accessible to we who are non-academics. They make me think of how I can use the many topics, so little time...Keep it up!”

eReview Leadership Team

Because the eReview is an Extension-wide effort, there is an eReview Leadership Team made up of professionals from across Extension who lead the development, editing, and production of the eReview.

Meet the eReview Leadership team:

Interested in Being an Author?

“[Writing for the eReview] helped me see a bigger picture of the applicability of my research. It allowed me to see why my research matters, especially for the practitioners involved in helping these kids.”

Participate in the dynamic process of writing, editing, and responding to research by serving as a research or community author. Contact Cari Michaels at

If you have an idea for a topic or program you’d like to feature, submit your ideas here: Submit a topic for eReview.

What are our authors saying?

“[Writing for the eReview] personally gave me satisfaction to write about such a prevalent topic that was of interest to me.”

“I’m always looking for opportunities to expand the larger community’s understanding of the needs of these kids.”

“[The eReview provided] a great perspective in how my research could and should be used in practice.”

“It was such a great opportunity, especially since I’m no longer in the academic setting to be able to integrate what I do clinically and have it be informed by research.”

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