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Brianna and Tanya: A Case Study About Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health

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What Others Are Saying

The Brianna and Tanya case study has been well-received by instructors and participants alike. Here’s what they are saying.

Feedback from Instructors

“What I like about the case study is it ‘brings to life’ a situation that is very plausible in early childhood classrooms.”

“What is compelling to me about this case study is that it starts before the child is born. It allows for discussion of the pre-history of what you may see depending on where you enter the family story. In terms of helping students understand why prevention and supportive services are so critical — the way this case study is configured creates a pathway for discussion and teaching. While the story line is easy to follow, the added readings and activities provide ways to dive deep into each topic as well as make direct links to the current research on children's mental health.”

“Realistic scenarios!”

“Thank you for developing this very useful case study and innovative study model!”

“Thanks for the opportunity to participate and for your very thoughtful process in developing such a great resource!”

Feedback from Participants

“Really appreciated the research resources. These were relevant and not overwhelming. Also, people can pick and choose.”

“Loved the variety [of links and videos]- especially the one on maternal depression. The video beautifully reflected different ethnic groups.”

“The videos are really good for those who are less inclined to read all the academic research articles. The (video) presenters present research in very accessible ways. Also, the videos are short and concise.”

“I appreciate that the viewer/participant has opportunities not only to consider the ‘best’ responses but also to reflect on what sometimes happens that shuts down communication and relationship building. There are lots of ways that students and novice professionals can use this tool to build practice skills and for more experienced professionals to hone skills.”

“I learned a lot of new information about the roles of the social worker in this setting as well as the role of an early childhood specialist”

“[The case] allowed me to see the big picture beyond the child in the classroom. We can only best help the child when we could get everyone (parents, educators, specialists, etc.) involved.”

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