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Children's Mental Health Case studies

Brianna and Tanya: A Case Study About Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health

mother and baby

The Brianna and Tanya case study is an interactive, web-based tool to train those preparing to enter, or those already working in, service disciplines related to children’s mental health. The case study allows others to get to know a young African American mother, her daughter from infancy through kindergarten, and the many influences on their lives.

By completing the Brianna and Tanya case study, participants will:

A main purpose of this case is to introduce users to the field of infant mental health, which emphasizes the important relationship between a child and the parents or primary caregivers in helping a child grow. Infant mental health refers to the ability to learn, grow, and express emotions within the context of healthy relationships with others. Understanding infant mental health is a key to promoting healthy social and emotional development and preventing challenges later on.

Currently, the Brianna and Tanya case study is only available as part of an academic course. The Brianna and Tanya case study is ideal for use within graduate course settings but can also be used in undergraduate course settings. It is designed to be used as a supplement to existing course curricula.

This case study consists of 20 chapters. Participants average 15-25 minutes per chapter, for an average of 6-8 hours to complete the whole case study. The way this case study is set up, people can read through and complete the activities fairly quickly, or they can dive in more deeply to the research and resources. The exact length of time for completion is a function of how much an individual user wishes to engage with the content they have access to.

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Already registered for the case study? Access the case study now: Brianna and Tanya: A Case Study About Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health (Moodle home page).

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