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About Family Development

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Family Resiliency

Family Resiliency is a program area in the Extension Center for Family Development that aims to build healthy and strong families.

Helping People Make Informed Decisions

Family Resiliency’s education programs, services, and resources help individuals and families make informed decisions in order to successfully navigate life's natural transitions and unique challenges.

Extension educators work with individuals and families in their communities, workplaces, and homes, as well as with community-based professionals who serve them. Our research-based educational offerings address pressing issues for families and communities, particularly underserved populations, to help them make informed decisions for better health and well-being.

Family Resiliency education provides strategies and tools to:

Who We Reach and How

We work with people on the individual level, where we provide direct education to individuals and families.

We also work with a variety of organizations to build capacity, providing train-the-trainer education to staff and volunteers of community organizations, such as:

We work with families and communities throughout Minnesota, as well as nationally, offering education in person and online. Besides English, selected classes are offered in other languages, such as Spanish.

Our Educational Offerings

Our education programs, which support individuals and families in transition, are offered under two main categories.

Family Relations

Financial Capability

Our Programs Have Impact

Our programs show results.

Partner with Us

Partner with us to build healthy and strong families. Contact Family Resiliency.

Related Resources

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School Success — Builds strong parent-child and parent-school relationships through education and collaboration.

Families with Teens — Strengthens parent-teen relationships by improving communication and decision-making skills.

Supporting Military Families — Learn about the cycle of deployment and how to better support military families.

Financial Capability — Empowers families to make wise decisions about money and other financial resources.

Disaster Recovery — Assists families who have experienced a disaster and their professionals.

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