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P8 Modeling

What is P8

P8 - Program for Predicting Polluting Particle Passage through Pits, Puddles & Ponds, is described in the Minnesota Stormwater Manual on the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency website as "a physically-based stormwater quality model developed by William Walker to predict the generation and transport of stormwater runoff pollutants in urban watersheds. The model simulates runoff and pollutant transport for a maximum of 24 watersheds, 24 stormwater best management practices (BMPs), 5 particle size classes, and 10 water quality components. The model simulates pollutant transport and removal in a variety of BMPs including swales, buffer strips, detention ponds (dry, wet and extended), flow splitters, and infiltration basins (offline and online). Model simulations are driven by a continuous hourly rainfall time series. P8 has been designed to require a minimum of site-specific data, which are expressed in terminology familiar to most engineers and planners. An extensive user interface providing interactive operation, spreadsheet-like menus, help screens and high resolution graphics facilitate model use."

Other hydrologic, hydraulic, and water quality models are also described on the MPCA site.

Installation instructions for Windows

  1. Go to the P8 Website; download and install the P8 Modeling software
  2. Change the program default path to install in directory C:\P8\P8 Urban Catchment Model\P8 Version 3.4\
  3. Unzip exercise files into the sample_files directory within the P8 folder: C:\P8\P8 Urban Catchment Model\P8 Version 3.4\Sample_Files\
  4. Open P8 [Start/P8 Version 3.4]
  5. Open the default case [File/Open Default], click "Yes" when prompted
  6. Run the model [Run/Model]
  7. Results should appear as shown below:
  8. Download all files here
  9. Put all exercises files (*.p8c) into the directory C:\P8\P8 Urban Catchment Model\P8 Version 3.4\Sample_Files

For more information or help with installation, go to the P8 Website

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