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The State of Water Conference

Post-conference materials

Minnesotans Protecting our Lakes and Rivers
May 1–2, 2014 at Cragun's in Brainerd

The first biennial State of Water Conference was a success. The conference was attended by about 330 citizens, natural resource professionals, and local leaders, coming together to learn more about the science of water resources and their roles within their watersheds and communities. Learning opportunities included plenary sessions, concurrent sessions, hands-on activities, and discussions on Aquatic Invasive Species, Restoration of Aquatic Habitat, Watersheds, Civic Governance, Groundwater and Nutrient Management and Runoff. Conference attendees gave high marks for the sessions and networking opportunities!

Evaluation comments included:

"Very encouraged from attending! Well put together conference that has a lot of value." —Brainerd, 2014

"I was very impressed with the quality of the technical presentations!" —Brainerd, 2014

The collaborative planning team included representatives from Conservation Minnesota, Freshwater Society, Minnesota Pollution Control Agency, Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, Midwest Glacial Lakes Partnership the University of Minnesota Extension and Minnesota Board of Water and Soil Resources.

The conference will be held every other year, returning in 2016.

Conference presentations

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Workshops (A)

Aquatic Invasive Species Monitoring Training: Strategies for Protecting Our Waterspresentation not available
Meredith Keller

Lake Management Practices with a New and Closer Physical, Chemical, and Biological Look at Our Lakes (5.7 MB PDF)
Shahram Missaghi, Eleanor Burkett, James Johnson, Jaime Rockney, Ray Valley

Watersheds: How You Fit In (2.9 MB PDF)
Laurel Mezner, Pam Anderson, Karen Terry

Civic Engagement and Local Governance: Ideas for Creating Changepresentation not available
Janna Caywood, Lynne Kolze, John Bilotta, Doug Malchow

Plenary speakers

State of Water: Minnesotans Protecting Our Lakes and Rivers (14 KB PDF)
Barb Naramore

State of Water: Minnesotans Protecting Our Lakes and Rivers (1.0 MB PDF)
John Jaschke

MPCA Update: Restoring and Protecting Water Quality (1.52 MB PDF)
John Linc Stine

For the Love of Lakes (6.02 MB PDF)
Darby Nelson

Aquatic invasive species track

Session B

Recent Developments and Strategies in Aquatic Invasive Species Researchpresentation not available
Peter Sorensen, Ray Newman, Mike McCartney

Session C

Best Practices for Aquatic Invasive Species Management (2.33 MB PDF)
Steve McComas, Ray Newman, Chip Welling

Session D

Asian Carp in the Upper Mississippi: Where We Stand Today (2.03 MB PDF)
Christine Goepfert, John Anfinson, Nick Forhnauer

Session E

Working with Anglers to Combat Aquatic Invasive Species (2.03 MB PDF)
Pat Conzemius, Doug Jensen, Ken Grob, Julie Luger

Session F

The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources' Lake Service Provider Program and Aquatic Invasive Species Grants (3.31 MB PDF)
April Rust

Session G/H

Aquatic Invasive Species Monitoring Training: Strategies for Protecting Our Waterspresentation not available
Meredith Keller

Restoration of aquatic habitat track

Session B

Sensitive Lakeshore Project: Evaluating and Protecting Lakeshore (6.39 MB PDF)
Paul Radomski

Itasca County Natural Shoreland Buffer Incentive Research (11.07 MB PDF)
Mary Blickenderfer

The Use of Wood for Shoreline Habitat Research (10.51 MB PDF)
Heather Baird

Session C

Aquatic Habitat: You'll Know It When You See It (5.96 MB PDF)
Michael Duval

Shallow Water Habitat and Shoreline Development (9.49 MB PDF)
Donna Dustin

Session D

Lake Vermilion: Habitat Protection Through Acquisition, Minnesota's Newest State Park (3.93 MB PDF)
Christina Miller

Protecting Sensitive Habitat on Big Deep Lake (2.46 MB PDF)
Michael North

Protecting Sensitive Shorelands in North Central Minnesota (2.89 MB PDF)
John Sumption, John Brosnan

Session E

Restoring our Rivers: An Ecological Primerpresentation not available
Amy Childers

Restoration of Complex Wood Habitat in Sand Lake, Cass County (9.03 MB PDF)
Bill Evarts

Session F

Lessons Learned on the Shore of Gull Lake (7.50 MB PDF)
Ronald Faust

Reviving Wildlife Friendly Habitat on Our Shores Using Minnesota Native Plants (7.48 MB PDF)
Bonnie Hiniker

Real World Examples of Successful Projects (33.2 MB PDF)
Darren Mayers

Session G

Shoreline Restoration: A New Perspective Including Alternatives to Riprap (58.63 MB PDF)
Greg Berg

Star Lakes Program: What Can It Do For Your Lake or River Association?presentation not available
Dale Gustafson

Session H

Protecting Coldwater Fish from Climate Change: Building Resilience in Deep Lakes Using a Landscape Approach (8.46 MB PDF)
Peter Jacobson

Using the Fish Community to Describe the Condition of Lakes and Streams: Fish-Based IBI Tools (3.80 MB PDF)
Jacquelyn Bacigalupi, John Sandberg

Watersheds track

Session B

What the Heck IS a Watershed and Why Does It Matter to Me?presentation not available
Karen Terry

Session C

Exploring Watershed Healthpresentation not available
Beth Knudsen

Trend Analysis: Is Your Lake Water Quality Getting Better, Worse or Stable? (1.0 MB PDF)
Moriya Rufer

Score Your Shore: A Tool for Citizen Assessment of Developed Riparian Lots (2.77 MB PDF)
Stephanie Simon

Session D

Farmer-Led Councils as a Civic Engagement Tool in Agricultural Watersheds: Progress Made and Lessons Learned (2.01 MB PDF)
Sheila Harmes

Roles of Engagement (2.68 MB PDF)
Tiffany Determan, Cole Loewen

Fostering Citizen Leadership in Our Watersheds (1.18 MB PDF)
Melissa Barrick

Session E/F

Watersheds: How You Fit In (2.88 MB PDF)
Laurel Mezner, Shannon Martin, Karen Terry, Doug Malchow, John Bilotta, Eleanor Burkett

Session G

Outreach and Engagement Via Community Partnership Grants (2.07 MB PDF)
Darren Newville

Connecting with the Community: Crow Wing SWCD's Mini-Grant Program (2.91 MB PDF)
Melissa Barrick

MPCA Funding Resources (6.46 MB PDF)
Pete Fastner

Session H

Teamwork Approaches to Watershed Management (7.67 MB PDF)
Joe Montonye, Greg Lillemon

Impervious Surface Management for Crow Wing County Lakes (8.83 MB PDF)
Chris Pence

Agriculture Watershed Districts: The Good, the Bad, the Uglypresentation not available
Rebecca Kluckhohn

Local impact: ideas for getting things done track

Session B

Program Planning for Volunteer-Led Watershed Groupspresentation not available
Angie Becker Kudelka

Session C

Legislative Strategies for Water (1.46 MB PDF)
John Tuma

Session D

Local Change: A New Way of Looking at Ordinances (14.84 MB PDF)
Chris Pence

Session E

Working With Local Landowners and Citizens to Complete Watershed Projects (57.54 MB PDF)
Greg Berg

Session F

Lake Improvement Districts: Establishing One and Managing it for Successpresentation not available
Dan Petrik, Kathy Metzker

Session G

Minnesota State Legislative Panel

Session H

Finding Finances to Get Things Done (2.12 MB PDF)
Jeff Hrubes

Groundwater track

Session B

Overview of Nitrate Behavior in Groundwaterpresentation not available
James Lundy

Minnesota's Groundwater and Chlorides (3.36 MB PDF)
Sharon Kroening

Pesticides in Minnesota Groundwater: Occurrence and Trends (3.87 MB PDF)
John Hines

Session C

Groundwater, Lakes and Wetlands: How They Interact (5.74 MB PDF)
Perry Jones

Investigating Groundwater: Surface Water Interactions on Sentinel Lakes (3.31 MB PDF)
Andrew Streitz

Session D

Characterizing Groundwater and Surface-Water Interactions in White Bear Lake and Other NE Twin Cities Lakes (2.24 MB PDF)
Perry Jones

Little Rock Creek Watershed: Irrigation and Stream Flow (2.06 MB PDF)
Andrew Streitz

Straight River: Lessons from the Past, Choices for the Future (5.68 MB PDF)
Doug Kingsley

Nutrient management and runoff track

Session E

The Clean Water Act: Pathways to Clean Water (1.02 MB PDF)
Shannon Lotthammer

Session F

Phosphorus and Water: A Recipe for Algae (3.21 MB PDF)
Pam Anderson

What's in the Runoff? (2.02 MB PDF)
Philip Monson

East Otter Tail SWCD's Response to Nitrogen Concerns in a Challenging Landscape (3.02 MB PDF)
Darren Newville

Session G

Discovery Farms Minnesota: Monitoring Nutrient Movement in Agricultural Landscapes (3.24 MB PDF)
Margaret Wagner

Feedlots: Not in My Backyard!presentation not available
Samantha Adams

Conservation Drainage: What Has It Done For You Lately? (11.46 MB PDF)
Gary Sands

Session H

From Rain to Lake: What's In Your Runoff?presentation not available
Shahram Missaghi

Top 10 Practices for Healthy Lawns and Clean Waterpresentation not available
Carolyn Dindorf

Let's Keep the Salt Out of the Water: Winter Maintenance Tips (3.52 MB PDF)
Connie Fortin

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