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Better living on our lakes and rivers

Shoreland homes and cabins are extremely popular on our lakes and rivers. They're great places for rest and relaxation with family, friends or for retirement. Protecting the quality of our lakes and rivers is a responsibility that comes with lake home and cabin ownership This video series has value for any lake or river shoreline property owner, from a new cabin owner to the long-time resident.

Keeping our shores: Shoreland best management practices

Introduces best management practices that shoreland owners can use to protect the water quality in a lake or river, including shoreline filter strips, proper septic maintenance, and appropriate lawn care practices. (15:20)

The living shore: Best management practices for shoreland vegetation

Reviews benefits of shoreland vegetation and provides information on re-establishing vegetative strips along shorelines. (16:49)

Shoreland restoration: A growing solution

Outlines why natural shorelines help protect water quality and wildlife habitat, and introduces how shoreland property owners can restore natural functions to their shorelines. (15:30)

Standing firm against erosion: Best management practices for shoreland stabilization

Covers reasons why erosion occurs and shows several different techniques for stabilizing shorelines. (18:25)

Stop exotics, clean your boat

Illustrates the steps boaters, sailors, and personal watercraft users can take to prevent the spread of aquatic invasive plants and animals. (11:09)

Rivers: Ribbons of life

Illustrates the importance of land use and land management along rivers and within a watershed, with a focus on responsible land use decisions and protecting natural vegetation along rivers. (22:00)

Culverts: Not just something to pass over

Highlights the importance of properly installed and maintained culverts. (20:09)

Septic systems revealed: A guide to operation, care, and maintenance

Describes the basics of septic systems, including system features, safety, use, operation, maintenance, and troubleshooting. (23:32)

Water conservation: Managing our precious liquid asset

Stresses the economic savings, improved wastewater treatment, and reduction in chemical use that result from conservation. (21:45)

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