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Fields to Streams: Managing water in rural landscapes

Fields to Streams details connections between land use, runoff, and water quality in rural landscapes. The two-part book highlights practices to improve and protect rural streams and shows how land management can affect the rate of runoff that shapes them.

The publication was prepared for landowners, land managers, and the conservation professionals who work with them to help them talk about and address local watershed issues. It draws on research from Minnesota and Iowa, providing concise explanations and graphics to highlight concepts and practices.

Part One, "Water Shaping the Landscape," explains the role of Minnesota's geology, changing rainfall, and land management practices in altering the amount and timing of runoff reaching and shaping streams and rivers.

Part Two, "Managing Sediment and Water," describes practices for managing crops, drainage systems, surface runoff, wetlands, impoundments, and stream corridors to reduce peak flows and lessen the amount of streambank, bluff, and ravine erosion.

Fields to Streams was developed by a team of authors led by the University of Minnesota Water Resources Center and funded by a grant from The McKnight Foundation.

book cover

Part One

Water Shaping the Landscape
(University of Minnesota Extension, 2015; PDF 8.18 M)

Part Two

Managing Sediment and Water
(University of Minnesota Extension, 2015; PDF 2.21 M)

Order online ($3.50) from the University Bookstore.

Or request high-resolution print files by emailing the Water Resources Team.

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In Spring 2017, the "From Shore to Shore" newsletter merged with "Minnegram," the University of Minnesota Water Resources Center's (WRC) quarterly newsletter.

The combined publication features articles on U of M water-related research along with useful and practical information from the Extension Water Resources team.

To subscribe, contact the Water Resources team.

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Shoreland Best Management Practices

Understanding Shoreland BMPs: Shoreland Best Management Practices

(University of Minnesota Extension, 2015; PDF 2.9 M)

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Watershed Game

The Watershed Game

The Watershed Game is an interactive, educational tool that helps individuals understand the connection between land use and water quality. Participants learn how a variety of land uses impact water and natural resources, increase their knowledge of best management practices (BMPs), and learn how their choices can prevent adverse impacts. Participants apply the tools of plans, practices, and policies that help them achieve clean water goals for protection and restoration while providing for community growth.

For more information, visit the Northland NEMO website.

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