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Minnesota Harvester Handbook

Cover of Minnesota Harvester Handbook

The Minnesota Harvester Handbook is available to purchase.

The Minnesota Harvester Handbook showcases sustainable harvest and gathering for more than twenty familiar, and some unusual, non-timber forest products. It addresses basic tenets of sustainable natural resource harvest and markets.

This resource — developed by the University of Minnesota Extension with the help of a broad network of contributors — demonstrates the breadth and diversity of useful natural resources found in and around the state's woodlands and forests. In most of these contexts, there is year-round potential for harvesting and gathering.

The Handbook focuses on natural resources and products, but also on people. Natural resources contribute to Minnesota's social fabric and well being through creation of individual and shared identities and by supporting our livelihoods. Much like our abundant lakes, natural resources help define that which is Minnesota. Consider maple syrup, walleye and morel mushrooms, to name just a few.

What's in the Handbook?


Basswood, Chaga, Firewood


Maple syrup, Fiddlehead fern, Yellow morel


Birch bark, Oyster mushroom, King bolete mushroom, Juneberry, Thimbleberry, Wild rice, Sweet tooth mushroom, Lobster mushroom, Chicken-of-the-woods mushroom, Chanterelle mushroom


Balsam boughs, Hen-of-the-woods mushroom, Princess pine, Red osier dogwood, Tree cones and seeds


Small diameter wood, Character wood

Basic tenets

Biology and ecology, Social, Markets, Policy

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