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About Fish, Wildlife and Conservation Education

Natural stewardship and understanding

Understand the environment

Minnesota's natural beauty is even more impressive when you understand the science behind it. Using proven methods of hands-on learning, University of Minnesota Extension helps Minnesotans explore, understand, and conserve their environment. Education professionals turn to Extension for support in creating and evaluating field days, classroom activities, and school gardens, and adults can become Master Naturalists or learn how to get their families involved in nature for individual well-being and family cohesiveness.

Stewardship for the future

Key to long-term stewardship is an appreciation and understanding of the unique heritage offered by Minnesota's fish and wildlife. Extension offers research-based information, tools, and strategies to manage wildlife across the state or in your own back yard. We also offer solutions for those times when conflict between humans and wildlife occur. Our goal is to empower citizens to keep Minnesota the culturally and biologically rich and unique place for generations to come.

What we offer

Fish, Wildlife and Conservation Education programs include:

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