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Community Tourism Development Manual

Cynthia C. Messer; 4th Edition

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Note: This is a Web Sampler. Information about the complete publication and how to order it is available here.

In the past several decades, tourism has evolved as a major economic development priority for many communities. Increasing consumer demand for educational and participatory travel experiences has resulted in a variety of specialty niche markets such as multigenerational tourism, cultural-heritage tourism, and agritourism. Today, more and more communities seek to link strategic tourism planning with sustainable development. To address these trends and needs, the University of Minnesota Tourism Center developed Community Tourism Development.

The fourth edition of this book reflects updated data and changes that have emerged since the previous edition. Purchase of this edition includes access to electronic versions of the worksheets and assessments in the book, allowing the user to input local data for easier use; as well as access to two case study videos.

We designed Community Tourism Development to provide organizations and individuals with a development process and materials to help communities plan, initiate, and expand tourism as a means of long-term economic development. These development concepts are applicable to communities of all sizes and at various stages of tourism development.

Table of Contents

Credits ii

Preface vi

Section One: Background

Section Two: Plan

Section Three: Develop

Section Four: Manage

Section Five: Case Studies


Section Six: Wildlife Tourism


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