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Webinar Series - Doing Business Online

University of Minnesota Extension is offering an updated series of online webinars to teach managers, owners, and social media staff of small businesses and organizations about using online tools strategically to create an effective online presence.

Webinar Topics

  1. Managing online reviews
    Managing online reviews Managing an online presence is now an essential business practice. This includes monitoring and responding to reviews posted on social media sites such as Yelp and Trip Advisor. Please refer to the fact sheets on this topic found on the eMarketing: Practical and Useful Research page to learn about the impact of online reviews on consumers and businesses, and watch the recorded session to learn about how to manage reviews of your business to enhance customer loyalty and attract new customers. (Recorded 11/6/2013)
  2. Mobile eMarketing
    Mobile eMarketingMobile devices like iPhones and Androids generate the bulk of internet traffic now. Having a mobile version of a business website and being accessible through multiple mobile search engines is considered essential by many businesses. This recorded session (11/20/2013) covers:
    • Data on mobile internet usage
    • What makes a website friendly to mobiles
    • Considerations concerning building mobile apps versus mobile websites
    • How to use QR codes to engage audiences
    • Leverage location based services to get found
    • How to conduct credit card transactions on mobile devices
    • Using digital coupons to drive traffic to your business
  3. Location based services
    Location based services From Google Maps to Yelp, people now rely on location based services to find goods and services. This recorded session (12/18/2013) covers:
    • Prevalence in the use of maps for commerce
    • The importance of having your business or organization list properly on online maps
    • How to asses your business presence on online maps
    • How to fix problems with your maps listings
    • How to add a new listing to maps
    • How to add community points of interest
    • Cool new stuff (at least of time of posting) - GeoFences and iBeacons
  4. Social media for business
    Social media for businessMany who have Facebook business pages or a Twitter account struggle to make good use of them. This recorded session explores strategies and tactics small businesses are using to engage with customers using social media. We examine real small businesses who are quite successfully using social media to engage with the customers and improving their bottom line. (Recorded 1/29/2014)
  5. Getting high on Google (Basics of SEO)
    Getting high on Google (Basics of SEO) Getting to the top of Google's search results is a marketing priority of many businesses. Making sure that your website represents all that your business has to offer is the primary way to get the top search rankings. Making sure your site content matches with what searchers are looking for is the bread and butter of SEO. This recorded session covers the basics of Search Engine Optimization - SEO to help your organization get to one the first page. This recorded session (3/26/14) covers:
    • Incorporating appropriate Keywords and Content for your site
    • How the popularity of your website influences your rankings
    • Why stagnant sites hurt ratings
    • How working and networking with other businesses and organizations can improve your ranking
  6. Using analytics to inform business decisions
    Using analytics to inform business decisionsAnalytics is the recorded data of how many visitors come to your website, what pages they went to, and what content they engaged with. Most business websites have analytic data available for the website but do not have a clear idea of how to use it to make decisions. This recorded session (4/9/2014) covers:
    • How to set up analytics for your website if you don't already have it
    • What can be measured and how data is generated
    • Case studies how organizations can use analytic data to improve their website and business
Doing Business Online  Webinar Series

What others have to say about our webinars:

"Wonderful series. Educational and extremely affordable. I really like the additional resources to help learn things more in-depth. The recordings and handouts made great references."

"Great content...learned something new with each session!"

"Well planned, concise and yet very informative presentations, making them an excellent use of my often stretched-too-thin time."

"These classes were very useful and Adeel Ahmed is one of the best instructors I have had in many years. His online teaching skills are excellent -- he not only develops great support materials, but has an engaging way of presenting that builds a strong personal rapport with the adult learners he is teaching."

About the Instructor

Adeel Ahmed has been teaching, writing, and researching about effective internet use for small business since beginning his career in Extension in 2006. Prior to that he was helping large businesses make effective use of the internet in a number of highly technical positions at Northwest Airlines, Koch Industries, and Emerson Process Management. His specialty is in crowd sourcing, and in location based services (e.g. getting found on Google Maps and Mapquest). You can find his work on

Adeel Ahmed

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