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Roadside Advertising in a Digital Age

Using GPS

Help your community get a sign on the digital highway

Can people find businesses, attractions, and other places in your town with a computer, a smartphone or GPS device? It's not enough to be in the phone book any more. You must have a web presence so customers and visitors can search for you via Google Maps, Mapquest and similar services. You also want to be found by owners of GPS devices and by the 150 million people using smartphones, such as iPhones and Androids, to get directions — and advice on where to go. Location-based mobile applications are revolutionizing the way people find and choose places to shop, to eat, to fix their car — you name it. Advertise your community and everything good it offers along the digital highway. University of Minnesota Extension workshops can give you the tools and know-how to make a mark in the digital age.

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What is GPS?

Global Positioning System technology uses mapping to show you where you are and how to get there. But now, people can also use GPS to decide where they should go — what restaurants, shops and parks lie ahead. This enhanced technology provides new opportunities to market businesses and communities.

Why should you consider GPS advertising?

How can Extension help?

Community economics educators offer:

Who sponsors Extension programs about GPS?

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