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SAMPLE REPORT: Retail Trade Analysis Report

This version of the Retail Trade analysis contains audio comments by the author to help the reader put the information in context. For the best results download the file and open it with Adobe Acrobat Reader. Opening the file within a web browser might prevent the audio files from playing correctly. To listen to an audio comment, click on the author's photo.

Riverwood & River County, Minnesota

Table of Contents (PDFs)

Intro and Definitions of Terms - Cover + 1-6 (919 K PDF)
Definitions of the terms used in the report and a couple of cautions about interpreting the data.

Retail Trade Overview - 7-14 (4798 K PDF)
The recent history of retail sales in the community and trend lines of different merchandise categories.

Merchandise Category Pull Factors - 15-19 (682 K PDF)
Has your competitive advantage in a merchandise category changed since 1990?

Trade Area Analysis of Retail Sales - 20-30 (6452 K PDF)
What are your potential sales? Compare actual sales to expected sales. See how your city compares to similarly sized towns and to nearby towns that compete for your customers.

Riverwood & River County Comparison - 31-39 (1181 K PDF)
Put your city in a bigger context. See the importance of your retail sales in the county and compare your county's sales to neighboring counties.

County Retail Performance and Regional Perspectives - 40-36 (3809 K PDF)
Is your Pull Factor extending outside of the county boundaries? A labor shed analysis also lets you know how many people commute to your town to work.

View combined PDF - Cover + 1-39 (16,739 K PDF)

Are your residents shopping locally? See Minnesota maps that show which counties attract shoppers or lose them to other counties.

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