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Examine your communities' retail economy

Retail markets are changing dramatically. Mobile customers, big box stores, and global markets challenge local retailers to stay competitive.

Our programs help local businesses and business leaders maintain a competitive retail marketplace.

Extension educators and program leaders create customized applied research reports that help communities understand their retail strengths, gaps and opportunities.

Regional educators provide in-person analysis and information for your community.

Market Area Profiles

Find out who is shopping in your community and how you can use this information to meet customers needs and increase revenue. more

Retail Trade Analysis

Get a customized report that examines the strengths and weaknesses of retail sectors in your community. Use these reports to plan and strengthen the local marketplace. more

Learn about retail development

These online learning resources help community decision-makers, businesses, and residents, think about the future of their retail sector.

Downtown Market Analysis

This online guide helps business leaders, entrepreneurs, developers, and economic development professionals understand the changing marketplace and find realistic opportunities for their communities. more

Feature articles

Rural grocery stores

produce products in a grocery story photo

The Regional Sustainable Development Partnerships (RSDP) have conducted research and gathered resources examining the needs and concerns of rural grocery stores. Visit the RSDP site

Walmart communities

main street in a rural town photo

Walmart has changed the retail landscape in Greater Minnesota. What kind of businesses can thrive alongside the discount retailer? Read more about Walmart

Read the study (PDF)

Retail Analysis and Development news


For more information or assistance, contact a community economics regional educator near you.

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