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Building Leadership Programs Management Guide

Donna Rae Scheffert, Jody Horntvedt, Joyce Hoelting

Publication date: Copyright © 2009 Regents of the University of Minnesota. All rights reserved.

Note: This is a Web Sampler. Information about the complete publication and how to order it is available here.

The Building Leadership Programs Management Guide is designed for organizations and individuals who want to establish programs to strengthen leadership in their communities. The guide is filled with information, tools and examples gleaned from more than 20 years of successful leadership program development and management in both rural and urban communities in Minnesota.

Written by educators and program managers from University of Minnesota Extension and the Hubert H. Humphrey Institute of Public Affairs, the guide instructs readers on development and management processes for use in building leadership programs in their communities. The manual blends tools developed by Minnesota's Extension educators with the wisdom of past program participants. We hope the results will help anyone educating leaders in Minnesota, as well as throughout the United States.


Audio Overview
A narrated Audio Overview of the guide, with PowerPoint presentation

Visual Overview (pdf)
Diagram of what's in the guide

Preface (pdf)
Here you'll find information on authors, sources, copyright terms, contacts and how to order the guide. The preface also includes an overview of the U-Lead model and its research base in the field of leadership education.

Chapter 1: Leadership Programs (pdf)
Leadership Programs worksheets for use with Chapter 1 (Microsoft Word)

Chapter 1 synopsis:
Explore concepts and begin to visualize opportunities for leadership education and development in your community.

Chapter 1 highlights:

Chapter 2: Steering Committee and Staff (pdf)
Steering Committee and Staff worksheets for use with Chapter 2 (Microsoft Word)

Chapter 2 synopsis:
Form a steering committee and clarify staff and volunteer roles for your program.

Chapter 2 highlights:

Chapter 3: Mission and Goals (pdf)
Mission and Goals worksheets for use with Chapter 3 (Microsoft Word)

Chapter 3 synopsis:
Agree on core principles and establish your program goals.

Chapter 3 highlights:

Chapter 4: Educational Design (pdf)
Educational Design worksheets for use with Chapter 4 (Microsoft Word)

Chapter 4 synopsis:
Establish learning objectives and strategies with an adult education focus.

Chapter 4 highlights:

Chapter 5: Program Evaluation (pdf)
Program Evaluation worksheets for use with Chapter 5 (Microsoft Word)
Program Evaluation Survey Examples — Pre- and Post-Surveys (pdf)

Chapter 5 synopsis:
Set goals and use tools to effectively evaluate your program.

Chapter 5 highlights:

Chapter 6: Managing Participation (pdf)
Managing Participation worksheets for use with Chapter 6 (Microsoft Word)

Chapter 6 synopsis:
Manage participants to bring your program to life.

Chapter 6 highlights:

Chapter 7: Program Marketing (pdf)
Program Marketing worksheets for use with Chapter 7 (Microsoft Word)

Chapter 7 synopsis:
Build support and recruit participants for your program through marketing and community outreach.

Chapter 7 highlights:

Chapter 8: Program Business Management (pdf)
Program Business Management worksheets for use with Chapter 8 (Microsoft Word)

Chapter 8 synopsis:
Don't let financial realities "mug" your program. Plan for financial stability to ensure your program is around long enough to accomplish your mission.

Chapter 8 highlights:

Chapter 9: Additional Resources and Program Examples (pdf)
Documenting Your Program Plan worksheets from each chapter compiled for your use (Microsoft Word)

Chapter 9 synopsis:
Here you'll find U-Lead program profiles, lists of Web sites containing information on leadership programs, and more.

Chapter 9 highlights:

Appendix 1: Published Articles (pdfs)
Here are three published articles about leadership education written by members of the University of Minnesota Extension Leadership and Civic Engagement team.

Community Leadership: What Does It Take to See Results?—Donna Rae Scheffert

Using a Comprehensive Leadership Framework as a Scholarship and Teaching Tool—Kim Boyce

The Effects of Leadership Development: Individual Outcomes and Community Impacts—Stephanie Lott and Scott Chazdon

Appendix 2: Anytown Program Plan (pdf)
The Anytown Program Plan provides an example of how a fictional town completed the Documenting Your Program Plan tool from each chapter in this guide. We offer this example, not to prescribe your leadership program, but to assist you in developing your own.

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