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Getting Started

Is your community willing to invest in its future? Leadership education is a good start. Our leadership and civic engagement educators can help you think about your community's goals, and will design a program to help you get there. Our programs bring emerging leaders from the sidelines, giving them the confidence they need, and provides existing leaders with more perspectives and information to help them succeed.

Think about leaders in your community – formal and informal, existing and potential. In conversations or interviews with others, consider your response to how often those individuals exhibit the leadership attributes described. Your responses will help you discuss your community with our leadership and civic engagement educators.

Leadership attribute Response
Leaders in this community... Never Rarely Sometimes Often Regularly
Know how to tackle problems in systematic ways
Respect a variety of leadership styles
Move out of comfort zones and learn to grow
Can lead volunteer organizations
Provide a leadership role model for others in the community
Strive to improve the quality of life in the community
Talk optimistically about the future
Articulate a convincing vision
Envision new possibilities
Work at developing new leaders
Believe trust can overcome difficulties
Overcome challenges to ge things done
Understand the community's structure and dynamics
Know how to change things in my community
Are well informed about public issues
Are well qualified to participate in public issues resolution
have a good understanding of strategies for public issues in the community
Seek to forge new connections
Are confident in their ability to work with others
Adapted from Pigg, K. (2000). Program evaluation report. Columbia, MO: Missouri Cooperative Extension Community Leadership Program Evaluation, University of Missouri

Top Priorities

Given your perspective on the above, how would you list your 3-5 high-priority attributes - those you believe the community should focus on in developing leadership education opportunities.

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