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ELP Alumni

Since 1985 when the Emerging Leadership Program was first established, we now have 1,056 alumni from nineteen counties in northwestern and west central Minnesota! The history of this program is really about the people, their participation in the educational sessions, and the leadership they provide in their communities, for local and regional organizations, the state and nationally. We are proud of the contributions alumni make in many ways.

We maintain the current information (addresses, phone numbers, etc.) on alumni of the program, including records for the "county kings" from 1961–1984. We also have many memories, photos and files of alumni in our collection. As time allows we continue to add to that collection and find ways to share that information with others.

Here are a few ways we connect to alumni:

Alumni newsletters

Newsletters are sent out occasionally to share information about the program. Here is our most recent newsletter. View more newsletters from our archive.

Annual recognition banquet

This banquet is held annually to recognize and congratulate the most recent graduates of the program. It is a great time for alumni to gather and a time we look forward to re-connecting with others. Registration information about the March banquet is available here (PDF).

Cultivating Community Conversations for Change (C4)

C4 was a pilot program offered to ELP Alumni in 2017 to help them advance their meeting facilitation skills and bring communities together to have meaningful conversations to support positive change. Community Teams consisted of three to six ELP Alumni within a county who participated in three training events which prepared them to host a series of community conversations.

For information about the program contact Jody Horntvedt, Extension Educator at


We have established a Facebook group (closed group) for all alumni of the program to connect. Ask to join the group at this site, and we'll add you to the nearly 300 alumni who are already members.

NOTE: We also have private Facebook pages for ELP classes beginning with the Class of 2010 and would be willing to set them up for other classes if there is interest.

ELP Facebook

Watch for more opportunities to connect to alumni of the Emerging Leadership Program.

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