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Exploring the impact of charismatic leaders in communities

guides and video

An instructional case study in print and video

Studying the relationship between leaders and followers is more important than ever, and specific study of the relationship between charismatic leaders and followers offers key insights to both experienced, and future, community leaders.

Our instructional case study, “Exploring the Impact of Charismatic Leaders in Communities,” examines questions related to charismatic leadership, followership, and the development of connections, or social capital, in communities.

This instructional case, which is presented via video and print, features findings from ongoing University of Minnesota Tourism Center research in the community of San Luis, Colorado. We recommend presenting this case in community settings for adults active in community development, or in college classrooms for future community leaders.

Case study materials include a learners’ guide and facilitator’s guide in PDF, and a 20-minute video. We offer these materials free of charge, in exchange for your response to a few simple questions. We won’t give this information to anyone else or use it to sell anything to you, but we’d like to follow up with you later to get your impressions of the case.


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