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Investing in Minnesota's community leaders

community members involved in leadership and civic engagement programs and activities

"You don't have to save the whole world. Just save your hometown. It'll add up."

—Vice-President Hubert Humphrey

Extension celebrates everyday leaders who make a difference — whether they work on local issues or provide leadership at the county, regional, state or even national level. Leadership comes from everywhere, and we are eager to work with people who provide community leadership in Minnesota.

Why invest in leadership education?

Leadership education is worth the effort because studies have documented a connection between successful communities and strong leadership. Successful communities are good at:

  • Building and transitioning leadership over time.
  • Supporting a diverse group of individuals to fill community leadership roles, including women, young people and new residents.
  • Providing leadership opportunities for new, emerging, mid-career and retiring leaders to learn and contribute.
  • Using local resources and people to create a better community.
  • Focusing on leadership for neighborhood groups, public issues and the whole community.

Program impact

Extension studies the effectiveness of its leadership education programs every year.

Review program outcomes

66.5% of participants increased their involvement in at least one leadership role based on post-program assessments

Ways to get started

Assess your strengths

What leadership qualities exist in your community? Use our assessment to find out your top leadership attributes and priorities.

Assess your community's leadership

Find a program

Extension, in partnership with community groups and organizations, provides a variety of local and sponsored leadership programs.

Learn about available programs

Consult with an educator

Bring leadership education to your community or group.

Find an Extension educator in your area

Our approach to leadership

Our leadership and civic engagement educators deliver research-informed education in long-term programs where participants learn, connect with others and practice skills. Our goal is to help community leaders succeed using information and connections to people and resources.

For help developing your community's leadership strategy, contact an educator in your region.


Leadership skills

Explore an instructional case study on the impact of charismatic leaders. Start here

Two for You

Watch our two-minute series sharing positive psychology research to help you live and lead with intention. See more videos

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