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Changes in your community have an effect on your economy. When something new occurs (or might occur), local leaders want to make informed and proactive decisions. Our impact analysis helps to inform those future plans and understand the present conditions.

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Helping community leaders examine economic change

Our team works with community groups, leaders of economic development organizations, business groups, and government officials to develop credible and defensible analyses of local economies, and of changes affecting local economies. Our program offerings help communities think about the future, respond to emergencies, and investigate particular economic questions.

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Futures Workshops

Extension's Futures Workshops lead groups to understand the economic impact of 5-8 different industries on local economies. They are especially helpful when communities are conducting strategic plans or deciding how to invest in economic development. The analysis explores how much the expansion or contraction of one business in each industry would affect jobs, as well as the revenue of other businesses in the area. A facilitated discussion helps the community apply this knowledge to local decisions. Read more about Futures Workshops.

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Emergency Economic Impact Analysis

Workforce reductions, business closings, and natural disasters all have an impact on local economies. An Emergency Economic Impact Analysis report helps communities understand the effects of a sudden or unanticipated change, giving them a quick analysis to guide the local response. The Emergency EIA includes a profile of the local economy, a short summary of how businesses might be affected, and an exploration of how the event will affect the local economy. Read more about Emergency Economic Impact Analysis.

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Customized Economic Impact Analysis

Economic impact analysis can provide in-depth information about an industry's economic impact, or about the potential for an economic development strategy. Our team creates customized reports that answer these questions by collaborating with local groups to collect relevant data, determine factors that affect findings and critically consider the local context of the results. Sponsoring organizations or communities receive a customized report and a presentation to review findings. Read more about Customized Economic Impact Analysis.

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Extension has researched a wide variety of economic impact topics - from tourism to local foods to historic tax credits; from fires and layoffs to avian flu. View our publications here.

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Economic Futures Workshop

Leaders from Mille Lacs County Economic Development Task Force participated in an economic futures workshop to learn more about the county's current economic situation and to explore opportunities for economic development. Read the report (PDF)

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Economic Composition of Greater Minnesota

Greater Minnesota has diverse regional economies. Download regional reports. See your region's strengths. View short webinars. Read more.


Impact of Poultry and Egg Production Losses and Poultry Processing Losses Due to the Avian Influenza

This Emergency EIA quantifies the ripple effects of the loss of $1 million in poultry and egg production. Read the report (PDF). Read the update (7/10/2015).

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