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Program Content

At Your Service: Working with Multicultural Customers addresses the nature of customer service and provides practical ideas and exercises to help service providers create win-win experiences in dealing with diverse customers.

Program participants explore how culture affects perception and behavior, gain skills to identify and address customer needs and expectations; learn how to control their own attitudes-even in trying situations; and actions to consistently deliver great service. Throughout the program, participants engage in exercises and activities to relate the skills and knowledge to their own workplace and community.

Outline of program


  • The culture iceberg
  • Customers' view of service


  • How attitudes are formed
  • Managing attitude even in difficult situations


  • Identifying and addressing customer needs
  • Build communication skills to respond to customer needs


  • Maintaining a professional appearance to meet customer expectations
  • Increasing customer perception of staff and facilities


  • Being proactive in providing great service
  • Adapting service to meet expectations

Sample Content

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