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Engaging with the Public: A series of best practice tip sheets

About this series

Elected officials and leaders of organizations face hard decisions that affect communities and the people who live there. Although it is not always required, engaging the public is a best practice when many people are interested and/or will be affected. The process a leader uses to make these choices can increase public trust and support for decisions.

This series is intended to help decision-makers consider when and how to engage the public effectively. Each tip sheet serves as a stand-alone informational resource. Or, when used together, the sheets provide a fuller set of best practices and insights for engaging effectively with the public to make informed decisions.

For more information

Leadership and civic engagement (LCE) educators across the state of Minnesota provide educational programs and consultations that help communities solve problems and make decisions. Contact an educator near you or LCE Program Leader Holli Arp at (507) 372-3900.

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