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Social capital video/audio

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Social capital video/audio

What's good for the community is good for business too

What you do for others comes back ten fold

Networks help create a community where everyone can get involved

The Glue that Holds Communities Together

Jody Horntvedt, Extension Educator, is interviewed on Lakeland Currents (Lakeland Public Television

Cook County Social Capital Study

Extension conducted a study of social capital in Cook County, Minnesota in 2008, asking over 500 residents about the ties and networks that they know and trust in the county.

Listen to their conversation below.

In this community service radio program, community members and Extension staff discuss the findings of the survey, and implications for Cook County. Barbara Radke, University of Minnesota Extension educator, put together the Cook County Social Capital survey. She was joined on the program by volunteer committee member Judie Johnson, Cook County Extension Director Diane Booth and Commissioner Jim Johnson.

WTIP North Shore Community Radio is an independent public radio station located on the North Shore of Lake Superior. WTIP has conducted a Community Engagement Initiative for the last two years, reaching out to encourage the community to identify and solve issues. Inspired by the Initiative and its mission to improve the lives of those they serve, WTIP's on-air forum creates a safe space for community dialog.

The First Thursday Community Conversations Program addresses a variety of issues and topics that affect the lives of our listeners. In January, 2009, this program discussed the results of the Social Capital Assessment Survey, which took place in Cook County in December 2007. For more information about WTIP North Shore Community Radio and our community engagement and outreach effort, visit the WTIP website.

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