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Topics and offerings

Through consultation from an Extension educator, we can help communities make decisions using public participation strategies. Our consultation helps local designers consider all of the elements described below.

Tools for Public Participation Strategists

Tricks of the trade that engage the public and move groups to action

In the complicated world of analyzing and organizing stakeholders, you need the right tools for the job. In these workshops, we'll pass along tools that are helpful for:

Designing Participation Processes

The what, why, who, how, when, and where of public participation

Public Participation Process in Groups and Teams

How can people come together to make decisions successfully?

We'll look at ways that advisory councils, committees, and advocacy groups can be structured so they communicate well with each other and perform effectively. The nature of groups, the stages of groups, and models for group management will be discussed. This training is useful for newly-formed groups that want to perform more effectively or want to re-examine their work together.

Leadership and Policy Change

How leadership changes in a shared-power world

John Bryson and Barbara Crosby, Ph.D., have noted that the effect of a shared-power world is that even people in positions of power feel frustrated and impotent. Engaging stakeholders changes the nature of leadership. These workshops will help leaders clarify their leadership styles, and examine how leadership changes in forums where power is shared. We will discuss processes leaders can use to navigate the policy cycle by engaging the public and building coalitions.

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