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How can Extension help?

We train facilitators

Regional educators provide training to those who facilitate meetings. Our goal is to build the facilitation skills of leaders and citizens so that the capacity to make group decisions effectively is embedded in communities.

Who has taken advantage of these trainings?

What do training participants say?

We provide materials

Resources available provide local leaders and program organizers with guidance in making committees work, facilitating meetings, engaging the public in decisions, understanding social capital and more. Materials include field books, guide books, a video case study and more.

Committees that Work

Facilitation resources

Tip sheets

Vital Connections

We provide consultation

Extension's Leadership and Civic Engagement Educators provide design and facilitation consultation for community civic engagement efforts. Our educators work with local conveners to learn about the community and the public issue of interest, and together design a process that helps the community engage towards collective action and desired outcomes.

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