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Workshop & Research Services

The University of Minnesota BR&E program is a comprehensive program designed to move communities from ideas to action in three big steps:

  1. research
  2. prioritize
  3. implement.

View the BR&E process and timeline.

Communities engaged in a BR&E Strategies program receive in-depth educator support and research through the process. A community may need assistance in preparing for the Strategies program or with only one stage of the BR&E process and desire different assistance than the BR&E Strategies package. Thus, we have developed "a la carte" coaching session and research service packages. The workshops presented here are designed for communities that are beginning to think about participating in the University of Minnesota BR&E Strategies program or just want certain training or facilitation help. Research services are for communities who want customized assistance on a specific piece of research in the BR&E process.

To view pricing information, please view the info sheet.


Extension can help your community think about ways to plan for local business retention and expansion.

Contact a regional educator to request a local workshop.

Research Services

Extension can:
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