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G. Future Plans


Answer questions as they relate to you. For most answers, check the boxes most applicable to you or fill in the blanks.

  1. Has your firm ever expanded operations (employment or physical space)?
  2. Yes


  3. In what year was your most recent expansion of operations?
  4. In what location (city and state) was your most recent expansion of operations?
  5. How many new employees were added in your most recent expansion?
  6. No employees were added




    More than 75

  7. How much space was added in your most recent expansion?
  8. Did not add space

    Less than 10,000 square feet

    10,001 – 25,000 square feet

    25,001 – 50,000 square feet

    50,001 – 75,000 square feet

    More than 75,000 square feet

  9. Will you be expanding/improving your current building or equipment?
  10. Yes (go to follow-up question)

    No (go to next question)

  11. If yes, do you face any constraints?
  12. (Select all that apply.)

    No constraints

    Need financial assistance

    Need planning/design assistance

    Need to acquire land


  13. Are you considering another (additional) branch or store?
  14. Yes (continue with next question)

  15. If yes, what location are you considering?
  16. Elsewhere in this community

    Elsewhere in this county

    Outside the county, but in Minnesota

    Outside the state of Minnesota


  17. If yes, when will you open the new branch or store?
  18. Within 6 months

    6 months to a year

    1–3 years

  19. Are you considering moving, selling, or closing this business?
  20. No

    Considering moving

    Considering selling

    Considering closing

  21. What conditions influence your decision regarding moving, closing, or staying put?
  22. (Select all that apply.)

    Market conditions

    Overcrowded building or space

    Land locked or expansion limited

    Transportation problems

    Crime or vandalism

    Low worker productivity or unavailability of workers

    Environmental concerns

    Building code problems

    High local taxes

    High state taxes

    Lease expiration

  23. If moving, selling or closing, when?
  24. Within 6 months

    In 6 to 12 months

    In 1 to 3 years

    In 3 or more years

    Don't know

  25. If moving, where will you move?
  26. Elsewhere in this community

    Elsewhere in this county

    Elsewhere in Minnesota

    Outside of Minnesota


  27. Any other plans for business changes over the next three years? (check all that apply)
  28. (Select all that apply.)

    No change

    Change in mix of good or services

    Add new product or service lines

    Add new technology

  29. Do you own or lease your business property?
  30. Own


  31. Do you have enough room to expand?
  32. Yes


  33. Does your store/storefront need updating or "cosmetic" improvement?
  34. Yes


  35. What ideas are you considering for expanding your customer base or appeal?
  36. Where do you see additional expansion or growth in your business?
  37. (Select all that apply.)

    New building or addition

    Additional employees

    Additional equipment or new technology

    New training program for employees

    Additional financing


  38. Any obstacles to the aforementioned growth ideas?
  39. What, if any, conservation or "green" actions have you taken with your business in the past few years?
  40. What, if any, conservation or "green" environmental actions do you plan to take with your business in the next few years?
  41. If you face constraints on renovation or expansion, what are they?
  42. (Select all that apply.)

    Would have an inadequate financial return on investment

    Inability to get a loan

    Insufficient space available for expansion

    Environmental or pollution control limitations

    Planning and zoning restrictions

    Government regulation prohibits expansion

    Shortage of adequate labor

    Shortage of adequate housing for labor


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