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E. Import/Export Business


Answer questions as they relate to you. For most answers, check the boxes most applicable to you or fill in the blanks.

    Import/Export Business

  1. Is your business currently involved in international export?
  2. Yes


  3. If no, what prevents you from exporting your product? (Check all that apply.)
  4. (Select all that apply.)

    Business is too small

    Business designed to serve specific area

    Lack of knowledge of foreign countries/markets

    Lack of specific export knowledge

    Restrictive state and or federal regulations

    Language barrier

    Costs are too high

    Never considered it before

    Tough competition


  5. If yes, what is the nature of your involvement in international export? (Check all that apply.)
  6. (Select all that apply.)

    Direct export sales outside the U.S.

    Export through foreign agents/distributors

    Currently engaged in export planning


  7. Do you have any problem exporting your product(s)?
  8. Yes


  9. If yes, why?
  10. (Select all that apply.)

    Transportation of product

    Lack of export financing

    Restrictive state and or federal regulations

    Inadequate knowledge of foreign countries/markets


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