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D. Industrial Linkages


Answer questions as they relate to you. For most answers, check the boxes most applicable to you or fill in the blanks.


  1. Your business likely buys some materials, supplies, and services from suppliers outside this area (100 mile radius). Could some of these items be produced profitably in this locality?
  2. Yes


  3. If yes, please help us identify materials, supplies, or services that could be produced locally.
  4. (Provide up to three responses.)

  5. Please list the top five (5) raw materials, supplies, or service inputs that your establishment purchases from outside of the community.
  6. What are the three most important non-labor inputs your business purchases?
  7. (Provide up to three responses.)

  8. Which, if any, of the products listed above does your business currently purchase from firms located in the COMMUNITY? (Check all that apply)
  9. (Select three.)

    First primary input

    Second primary input

    Third primary input


  10. In general, how do you meet or become acquainted with service providers?
  11. (Select all that apply.)

    Someone you know referred/recommended the service provider

    You knew the service provider before they started working for you

    Referral by a trade association or professional organization

    Competitor used them

    Advertising or direct mail or yellow pages

    Unsolicited cold call

    Article in business publication or newspaper

    Service provider newsletter/web page


  12. Check the three most important factors in evaluating and selecting a service provider.
  13. (Select three.)

    Experience of service provider

    Service provider’s knowledge of your industry

    Proximity to your location


    Service provider’s approach or methodology

    Service provider’s reputation

    Recommendation from a trusted source

    Personality or “likeability” of service provider

    Credentials of service provider

    Referrals from other clients


  14. Check the areas that you have used external service providers for in the past three years.
  15. (Select all that apply.)

    Business management

    Design or engineering

    Manufacturing operations

    Quality related issues

    Environmental and safety

    Information technology

    Organizational development



    Human resource development


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