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Drainage slide rule

Gary Sands

Pocket sized agricultural drainage calculator enables the user to:

  1. compute required pipe size for given drainage area;
  2. compute acres drained for given pipe size/grade;
  3. estimate permissible flow velocities for any pipe size, based on grade;
  4. compute flowrates for pipe sizes/grades. Features of the calculator are: functionality for both corrugated and smooth-wall materials, roughness coefficients are built-in, other design and look-up tables are included.















Other resources

Agricultural Drainage Publication Series: Soil Water Concepts, Reviewed 2009. University of Minnesota Extension.

Agricultural Drainage Publication Series: Planning an Agricultural Subsurface Drainage System, Reviewed 2009, Pub.#07685. University of Minnesota Extension. To order call 800-876-8636

Agricultural Drainage Publication Series: Issues and Answers, Reviewed 2009. University of Minnesota Extension.


Department of Bioproducts and Biosystems Engineering

MI-07688 Reviewed 2009

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