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Marketing and Economics

Risk Management Webinars Available to View from Pork Checkoff and CME:

Economic Implications of Ethanol on Swine Production (pdf)

The Economics of Pig Space in Finishing Facilities (pdf)

Economics of Manure Management and Application (pdf)

Livestock Risk Protection (LRP) Insurance

Market Contracts and Price Determination Issues in Today’s Swine Market (pdf)

Economic Considerations in Swine Production Contracts (pdf)

Contracts, Markets, and Prices: Organizing the Production and Use of Agricultural Commodities (USDA ERS)

U.S. Hog Marketing Contract Study – January 2004 (University of Missouri)

Production and Marketing Characteristics of U.S. Pork Producers, 2003 (National Pork Board) (doc)

Pricing Early Weaned Pigs (National Pork Board and University of Minnesota) (pdf)

Direct Marketing of Meat Products (National Pork Board fact sheet) (pdf)

Ethnic Marketing of Pork (National Pork Board fact sheet) (pdf)

Front End Guidance for Value-Added Networks – Marketing Pork to the Mexican Consumer in the United States (National Pork Board and University of Minnesota) (pdf)

Case Studies of Value Added Production and Marketing (National Pork Board and University of Minnesota) (pdf)

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