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Current Research

Researcher Research Areas
John Lamb Nutrient management for sugar beet production systems, corn-corn systems, and irrigated sandy soils.
Dan Kaiser Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium, and Sulfur management for corn, soybeans, and spring wheat. Fertilizer placement and soil testing.
Albert Sims Nitrogen management in spring wheat and sugar beet production systems. Use of sugar beet lime as a phosphorus sources and long term phosphorus management.
Jeff Strock Nitrogen and phosphorus management and water management issues.
Michael Russelle USDA-ARS Nutrient management in alfalfa-corn rotations as affected by alfalfa germplasm and other production strategies.
Carl Rosen Nutrient management for commercial fruit and vegetables with emphasis on irrigated potato production systems; N and P management in irrigated corn on sandy soils.
John Moncrief P index and nutrients in runoff from agricultural systems
Deborah Allan Use of cover crops to trap late season nutrients.
Jeff Vetsch Nutrient (N, P, K and S) management for corn and soybean. Tillage and nutrient management interactions in continuous corn.
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