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Sources of information

Sources of Information

Manure Management

Best Management Practices, Horse Farms and Feedlots in Rural Hennepin County 1997-1998. By Carolyn Dindorf, Michael Carlson, and Terrence Zapzalka. Hennepin Conservation District, 1998.

Category Solid: Commercial Animal Waste Technician Training Manual. University of Minnesota Extension Service, 1999.

Feedlot and Manure Management Directory. Minnesota Department of Agriculture, 1995.

Feedlot and Manure Management Publications. Minnesota Department of Agriculture, 1995.

Fertilizer Recommendations for Agronomic Crops in Minnesota. Item No. BU-6240. By George Rehm, Michael Schmitt, and Robert Munter. University of Minnesota Extension Service, 1995. (out of print)

General Feedlot Program Information. Fact Sheet No. 33. Minnesota Pollution Control Agency, 1997.

Livestock Manure Sampling. Item No. FO-6423. By Dennis Busch, Tim Wagar, and Mike Schmitt. University of Minnesota Extension Service, 2000.

Livestock Waste Facilities Handbook. Item No. MWPS-18. MidWest Plan Service, 1993.

Managing Crops and Animals Near Shorelands. Fact Sheet No. 13. In: Protecting Our Waters: Shoreland Best Management Practices. Item No. MI-6946. University of Minnesota Extension Service, 1998.

Manure Management Alternatives: A Supplemental Manual. Minnesota Department of Agriculture, 1995.

Manure Management in Minnesota. Item No. FO-3553. By Michael Schmitt. University of Minnesota Extension Service, 1999.

Manure Management Planning Guide for Livestock Operators. Minnesota Department of Agriculture, 1995.

Running Your Feedlot for Farm Economy and Water Resource Protection. Patricia Engelking. Minnesota Pollution Control Agency, 1993.

Minnesota Department of Agriculture:

Minnesota Pollution Control Agency Feedlot Information:

University of Minnesota Extension Service Manure Education and Research:


On-Farm Composting Handbook. By Robert Rynk. Northeast Regional Agricultural Engineering Services Cooperative Extension (NRAES), Cornell University, 1992.

The Practical Handbook of Compost Engineering. By Roger Haug. Lewis Publishers, 1993.

Cornell University Compost:

Pasture Management

Forage Mixtures. Agronomy No. 30. By H.J. Otto and A.R. Schmid. University of Minnesota Agricultural Extension Service, 1974. (out of print)

Hoary Alyssum: Toxicity to Horses, Forage Quality, and Control. Item No. FS-5567. By R.L. Becker, N.P. Martin, and M.J. Murphy. Minnesota Extension Service, 1991.

Pastures for Horses. Item No. A3680. By Dan Undersander and Ray Antoniewicz. University of Wisconsin-Extension, 1997.

Plants Poisonous to Livestock. Item No. FO-5655. By Lisa M. Axton and Beverly R. Durgan. Minnesota Extension Service, 1991.

Pocket Gophers. In: Prevention and Control of Wildlife Damage. By Ronald M. Case and Bruce A. Jasch. Cooperative Extension Division, Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources, University of Nebraska-Lincoln; U.S. Department of Agriculture, Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service, Animal Damage Control; and Great Plains Agricultural Council, Wildlife Committee, 1994.

Rural Living

Country Acres. Item No. G3309. By Lowell L. Klessig. University of Wisconsin-Extension, Cooperative Extension Service, 1987.

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