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Dairy production

dairy cattle in compost barn

A happy herd is a win for all involved. Our research shows that focusing on cow comfort pays off in production numbers. This section will help you meet your goals of healthier cows, higher quality milk, and processes that run smoothly. You'll find information on taking care of cattle at any point in the lifecycle. From raising healthy replacements to producing milk, from harvesting the feed you put in to your cows to dealing with the manure that comes out the other end, we're working to help you do it better.

Calves and heifers

Nutrition and feeding, economics, housing, health, growth, management practices

Dairy beef

Feeding programs, growing and finishing, implant strategies, housing, markets, health and disease management


Compost barns, keeping cows cool, costs, automatic feeding and milking systems, odor management, modernizing your facilities

Feed and nutrition

Feed costs, byproduct feeds, calf and heifer diets, seasonal issues, water, total mixed rations, milk urea nitrogen


Alfalfa, forage identification, harvesting and storing, evaluating forage quality


Health and comfort

Cattle welfare, lameness, immunization, cow comfort, bedding, mortality, county fairs


Pathogen control, odor management, regulations, storage and handling, anaerobic digesters, on-farm composting, milk house wastewater

Milk quality and mastitis

Somatic cell counts, udder health, hygiene and sanitation, Quality Count$ program, mastitis prevention

Reproduction and genetics

Crossbreeding, genomics, sexed semen, reproductive performance, physiology and anatomy, conception, birthing

Transition cows

Dry cows, fresh cows, colostrum production, nutrition and feeding, facility design, special needs

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