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Milk quality self assessment test

For each of the following items, please choose the one option that best represents your farming practices (by clicking a radio button below the answer).

1. Which BTSCC range best represents your average over the past 6 months?

2. Which level of clinical mastitis best represents your current monthly rate? (average # CM/month / average # lactating cows x 100 = % CM/ month)

3. How frequently do you remove udder hair?

4. How frequently do you groom/clean and remove soiled bedding from your stalls?

5.To what degree do you use antibiotic dry cow treatment?

6. To what degree do you use teat sealer for dry cows?

7. How often do you observe dry cows for mastitis?

8. How often do you clean maternity pens?

9. How often do you add fresh bedding to maternity pens?

10. Do you use a quarter milker to divert milk from high SCC quarters away from the bulk tank?

11. Which of these two options best represents your approach to milking?

12. To what degree do you use fore-stripping?

13. How long do your milkers prep udders before milking?

14. How often do your milkers achieve complete pre-dip teat coverage of disinfectant before milking?

15. How often do your milkers achieve complete post-dip teat coverage of disinfectant after milking?

16. How often do you have a complete performance check on your milking equipment?

17. To what degree do you/farm employees keep abreast of current milking and mastitis control practices?

18. Do you use individual cow SCC testing?

19. Do you use bulk tank or individual cow culturing to identify mastitis pathogens?

20. To what extent do you seek advice from veterinarians and/or milk quality specialists regarding issues related to mastitis and milk quality?

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