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Farm overview

Brian Loeffler, Helene Murray, Dennis G. Johnson, Earl I. Fuller
Reviewed 2008

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Figure 2. Locations of farms participating in the study.

Cooperating farms were located throughout much of Minnesota. Approximately half (14) of the farms were located in the southeastern region of the state, a region with many MIG practitioners. A map illustrating approximate location of farms included in the study is provided in Figure 2.

Farm business volume

Reported gross farm incomes ranged from approximately $16,000 to $402,000.

Gross farm income included milk sales, dairy livestock sales for livestock purposes, dairy livestock for slaughter, other livestock sales, crop sales and government payments when applicable.

Farm size

Reported total land base ranged from 78 to 895 acres. Average farm size was approximately 300 acres. Rented land accounted for an approximate average of 15% of total farm size.

A total of 1,673 cows were being milked on the 29 farms at the time of the survey. Herd size ranged from 16 to 120 cows, with an approximate average of 58 cows in each herd. The 1992 average Minnesota dairy herd size was 48 cows (Agricultural Census 1992).

Number Reported income level
5 less than $90,000
7 $90,000-$115,000
9 $131,000-$160,000
4 $160,000+
4 no response
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