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Cow-Calf Days seminar tour and trade show

Filling the void: strategies for increased cover crop establishment

Cover crop establishment can prevent against soil erosion, reduce soil compaction, control weeds and increase yields for future crops. (7.36 K PDF)

Cropland grazing exchange

Grazing cropland can improve soil health and function. (1.39 K PDF)

Feeding cull cows calculator 11

Determine your projected return/head based on their current weight and estimated grain consumption. (24 K XLS)

Grazing cover crop research

View the presentation materials given by Eric Mousel that discusses current cover crop research. (1.71 K PDF)

Grazing school

Learn how to best manage grasslands to benefit livestock, the grassland ecosystem, and wildlife. (1.47 K PDF)

Minimize hay waste

Learn about the many factors that affect hay waste and how to minimize it. (9.41 K PDF)

Scours in beef calves: treatment and prevention

See the presentation on treating and preventing scours in your beef calves. (2.41 K PDF)

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