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2016 Crop Pest Management Short Course & MCPR Trade Show Proceedings

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Tuesday December 6, 2016

MCPR (Minnesota Crop Production Retailers) plenary session

Earning consumer trust: What matters most to consumers and you (4.1 MB PDF)
Donna Moening, Center for Food Integrity

What is society now demanding from crop production retailers, suppliers, customers? (1.3 MB PDF)
Dean Lemke, Iowa Agribusiness Association.

Sustainability & water quality (3.0 MB PDF)
Steven Peterson

Wednesday December 7, 2016

General session crop pest management short course

Think differently about pesticide resistance - the role of biology in crop production (505 K PDF)
Dr. Jeffrey Gunsolus, University of Minnesota

Battle scarred experience from the North American beachhead on neonic bans (6.7 MB PDF)
Dr. Art Schaafsma, University of Guelph, Ontario

Strategies to win with young farmers (3.2 MB PDF)
Jan Johnson, Millenium Research Inc.


Worker protection standard update (4.1 MB PDF)
Betsy Buffington, Iowa State University

Invasive pests and pesticide regulation: Implications for soybean insect pest management (6.5 MB PDF)
Dr. Robert Koch, University of Minnesota

What can pulse-width modulation sprayer systems do for you? (3.1 MB PDF)
Thomas R. Butts, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Changing role of insecticides in managing crop insects with a special focus on neonics (5.4 MB PDF)
Dr. Kenneth Ostlie, University of Minnesota


Nitrogen loss inhibitors and extenders (899 K PDF)
Dr. Dave Franzen, North Dakota State University

Think differently: An evolutionary perspective is the key to managing herbicide resistance (3.6 MB PDF)
Dr. Patrick Tranel, University of Illinois

Current trends in public and private soybean variety development (8.6 MB PDF)
Dr. Aaron Lorenz, University of Minnesota

Managing weather risk: Tools of the trade (7.5 MB PDF)
Eric Snodgrass, University of Illinois

Thursday December 8, 2016


The what, when and why of new corn fertilizer guidelines (2.7 MB PDF)
Dr. Daniel Kaiser, University of Minnesota

A 4R evaluation of fall urea application in Minnesota (1.0 MB PDF)
Jeffrey Vetsch, University of Minnesota

In-season fertilization of corn: The potential for sensor-based management (6.2 MB PDF)
Dr. Richard Ferguson, University of Nebraska-Lincoln


Impact of agricultural drainage on water movement (6.1 MB PDF)
Dr. Bruce Wilson, University of Minnesota

Thinking differently about Amaranthus - Experiences from Illinois (14.6 MB PDF)
Dr. Aaron Hager, University of Illinois

Soybean seed, seedling and root rots: Is management a prescription or a package? (2.1 MB PDF)
Dr. Jim Kurle, University of Minnesota


Are you getting the most out of your beans? A maturity group update. (2.5 MB PDF)
Dr. Seth Naeve, University of Minnesota

Developing management zones in precision farming (6.7 MB PDF)
Dr. David Clay, South Dakota State University

Corn seed treatments: Is there a difference between products? (2.1 MB PDF)
Dr. Joe Lauer, University of Wisconsin


New developments to understand and manage soybean SDS disease (1.8 MB PDF)
Dr. Dean Malvick, University of Minnesota

Status of Palmer Amaranth eradication efforts in Minnesota (3.2 MB PDF)
Anthony Cortilet, Minnesota Department of Agriculture

Minnesota buffer law update (3.2 MB PDF)
Tom Gile, Minnesota Department of Agriculture

Filling the void: Cover crop based strategies for increasing soil productivity (12.6 MB PDF)
Dr. M. Scott Wells, University of Minnesota

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