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2005 Crop Pest Management Short Course & MCPR Trade Show Proceedings

Crop Pest Management Short Course

2005 Session


How will the New N Recommendations affect Minnesota Agriculture?
John Lamb

Nitrogen Rate Guidelines for Corn in Minnesota
John Lamb

Oil and Gas Markets: Pricing and Potential Interactions with Economic Activity
Donald Hanson & Peter Balash

How will Increased Energy Prices affect the Fertilizer Industry?
Bruce Vernon

Keynote Address: Renewable Energy and Government: Past, Present, and Future
Al Juhnke

Grain Market Transportation Issues: Hurricane Katrina and Beyond
Jerry Fruin

Increasingly Competitive Renewable Fuels: Beyond the 2005 Energy Bill
Doug Tiffany

Management Options for Fusarium Head Blight of Small Grains
Ruth Dill-Macky

Leaf Rust in Spring Wheat.
Jim Kolmer

Application Strategies for Maximizing Soybean Canopy Penetration for Improved Soybean Health
Robert Wolf

Tips for Ground Application of Fungicide for Asian Rust Control
Robert Wolf, et. al

Soybean Rust Facts and Fallacies
Dean Malvick

Are Populations of Lambsquarters and Giant Ragweed Becoming Less Sensitive to Glyphosate?
Mark Loux

Desperate Pigweeds: Promiscuity, Herbicide Resistance, and other Dirty Little Secrets
Pat Tranel

Since Fungicides Work so well on Wheat, why not Spray the Soybeans too!
Martin Draper

Potential for Yield Loss Caused by Soybean Viruses
Craig Grau

Sudden Death Syndrome in Minnesota
Jim Kurle

Extended Diapause and its Prevalence in Minnesota and South Dakota
Billy Fuller

Using Resistant Varieties to Manage Soybean Cyst Nematode: It is not as simple as it sounds
Greg Tylka

Pesticide Tank Mixing: Consider the Chemistry and Timing before Making the Application
Ian MacRae

Can Soybean Rust Fungicides Impact Soybean Aphids?
Bruce Potter

Making Manure Work in a Crop Nutrient Program
Kevin Blanchet

IDC: Unmasking a Yield Bandit
George Rehm

Wellhead Protection Plan Keeping Public Water Safe
Brian Williams

In Season Nitrogen Application Using Remote Sensing
Jeff Vetsch

Corn Hybrids for Ethanol Production: A Perspective from the Plant CEO
Randy Doyal

The Vulnerability of Production Agriculture to Weather and Climate
Mark Seeley

Alfalfa Winter Survival and Strategies for Injured Stands
Paul Peterson

Roundup Ready or not Alfalfa, GMOs, and You
Roger Becker
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