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2004 Crop Pest Management Short Course & MCPR Trade Show Proceedings

Crop Pest Management Short Course

2004 Session


The Climatic Puzzle: Understanding Climate Trends and Associated Effects on the Agricultural Landscape
Mark Seeley

low Level Jet Stream Dispersal of Green Peach Aphid
Ian MacRae

Aerial Transport of Rust Fungi and Detection in Rain Samples
Les Szabo

The Effect of Land Value as a Driver of Economic Scale
Michael Swanson

Sources of Phosphorus in Minnesota Waters and in the Gulf of Mexico
Marvin Hora/Mark Tomasek

Herbicide BMPs and Water Quality
John Hines/Greg Buzicky

Traversing the Maze of Seed Corn Costs (Panel)
Joe Lauer

Traversing the Maze of Seed Corn Costs (Panel)
Ken Ostlie

Understanding the Precision of Yield Monitors and Fertilizer Applicators
Jonathan Chaplin

Western Bean Cutworm: Expanding its Range to Minnesota?
Gary Hein

Discerning Chaos from the Mists: The Bean Leaf Beetle in Minnesota
Ken Ostlie

Giant Ragweed Management: Revenge of a Native
Bob Hartzler

Common Lambsquarters Management with Glyphosate and Drift Problems with PGR Herbicides
Chris Boerboom

Crop Management Practices and Diseases of Soybean: 2004 RRV Survey Results
Char Hollingsworth

Fungal and Bacterial Leaf Spots of Soybean: How Not to Confuse them with Soybean Rust
Jim Kurle

Where Have the Improvements in our Soybean Yields Gone?
Seth Naeve

Soybean Rust: Biology, Epidemiology, Risk, and Control
X.B. Yang

Adjuvants: Principles and Use
Don Penner

Herbicide Antagonism and Herbicide-Fertilizer Interactions
Joe Gednalske

Lethal and Sublethal Effects of a Seed Treatment for Soybean Aphid
Dave Ragsdale

How Extreme Hot and Cold Temperatures Affect Soybean Population Growth
Brian McCornack

Sediment Contribution from Flat Lands vs. Stream Banks
Satish Gupta

Phosphate Recommendations for Minnesota Crops: Removal or Something Else
George Rehm

Developing BMPs for N - Impact of Yield and Nitrate Losses
Gyles Randall

Cornucopia of Corn Topics
Dale Hicks

Corn Production after Soybean as Affected by Tillage, Vigor, and Planting Date
Jeff Vetsch

Aggressive Harvest Management Strategies for Higher Alfalfa Yields
Paul Peterson

Diagnosing Alfalfa Root Rots
Deborah Samac

PLH Resistant Alfalfa Varieties - Performance and Economics Threshold
Lisa Behnken

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