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Sustainable Home Lawns

Sustainable home lawns are designed, constructed and maintained to minimize any adverse effects to the environment while reducing resource inputs. That is, a lawn area should remain relatively healthy given the existing site conditions with minimal need for additional resource inputs.

Nonetheless, the goal of any lawn care program is to provide the necessary resources (e.g., water, nutrients) to promote plant health and vigor. This allows the lawn to successfully compete against weed invasion and quickly recover from modest levels of injury due to pest damage, play, or other use. In addition, a healthy lawn retains its positive environmental functions such as that of stabilizing the soil against water and wind erosion.

The successful establishment of a sustainable lawn requires an evaluation of current site conditions as well as the desired quality and use expectations for that lawn area. Remember, even high use lawns that require the use of high maintenance turfgrass varieties can be sustainable. The necessary inputs to preserve plant health will be a little higher.

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