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Half-Hardy Annuals

Half-Hardy Annuals for U.S.D.A. Cold Hardiness Zones 3 & 4
* Denotes self-sowing

Scientific name Common name
Callistephus chinensis China aster
Clarkia amoena Clarkia
Cleome hassleriana Spider flower *
Eccremocarpus scaber Glory flower
Godetia spp. Godetia
Helianthus annuus, H. giganteus Sunflower
Ipomoea tricolor Morning glory *
Lobelia erinus Lobelia
Nemesia spp. Nemesia
Papaver spp. Poppy *
Primula spp. Primrose, polyanthus
Rudbeckia spp. Gloriosa daisy
Senecio mikanioides German ivy, dusty miller
Tagetes erecta African marigold
Tagetes patula French marigold
Tanacetum parthenium, T. ptarmiciflorum Feverfew *
Torenia fournieri Torenia, wishbone flower
Verbena tenuisecta, V. rigida, V. x hybrida     Verbena
Zinnia angustifolia, Z. elegans Zinnia


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