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Shoreland Landscape Design, Maintenance, and Management to Protect Water Quality

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Darlene Charboneau

A citizen survey, entitled "Public Perceptions of the Impacts, Use, and Future of Minnesota Lakes", indicates that the principal reasons people own waterfront property is to enjoy the view, experience peace and tranquility, observe wildlife, and fish. All of these activities can be diminished by poor water quality. For a copy of the survey results and other water quality information, call Minnesota Sea Grant publications at 218-726-6191 or visit their web site.

This portion of SULIS will explore the relationships between water quality and landscape design, maintenance, and management; provide the information needed to create your own shoreland design; and provide links to additional resources. Discussions are divided into six sections:

1 Watershed Education
Provides an overview of what watersheds are and how activities in them impact water quality.
2 2 Vegetative Buffer Zones
Looks at what vegetative buffer zones are and their function in the landscape.
3 3 Shoreland Design
Addresses design issues specific to waterfront property. Includes site analysis and creative problem solving.
4 4 Plant Identification and Selection
Provides references to guides for the identification and selection of common aquatic plants and upland native plants appropriate for use in buffer zones.
5 5 Shoreline Planting and Buffer Zone Installation
Outlines steps to prepare a site for planting, discusses erosion control techniques, and gives tips on plant establishment.
6 6 Landscape Maintenance and Management
Discusses low-input lawn care practices including phosphorus-free fertilizers, aquatic plant management, and landscape maintenance in urban watersheds.
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