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Landscape Design Questionnaire


Name:________________________________ Home Phone: ___________________

Address: ________________________________ Work Phone: __________________

City, State, Zip: ________________________________

Name and age of family members: (list any outdoor hobbies or sports that take place in the yard) ________________________________________________________________

Any Pets? Yes No If yes, what kind? ________________________________

What style of house do you have? (Victorian, cottage, etc...) ________________________________

How old is the house? ________________________________

Do you have plot plans or architectural plans for the house or lot? Yes No

What is the approximate budget for the design and installation of the landscape? _______________
Please comment if necessary ________________________________

Who will maintain the landscape? owner contractor others

Who will install the landscape owner contractor others

*Please check all that apply

Soil/Drainage Questions

Poor Drainage Compacted Soil Excessive Runoff
Steep Slopes Poor Water Holding Other Grade Problems


Above ground utilities________________________________ Below ground utilities________________________________

Light Conditions

Please provide information on the amount of sun the landscape receives. Be specific. ________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________

Special Considerations *Please check all that apply

Screens needed Traffic noise Windbreaks Snow drifting
Shade needed Too much shade Fence needed Poor driveway
Turnaround needed Poor walks Existing plants
Too much lawn Not enough lawn Paths on turf
Others, please specify________________________________

Plant Selection

Plants liked _______________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________

Plants disliked________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________

What type of foundation planting do you prefer?

Deciduous shrubs Evergreen shrubs Combinations

Service Areas

Cloths line Compost bin Dog kennel
Boat/trailer storage Vegetable garden, approx. size?_________
Grill/fire pit Others____________________

Recreational/Entertainment Areas

Would you like recreational areas? Yes No

If yes, please indicate what the areas will be used for.______________________________________________

Would you like a deck or patio? Yes No

If yes, please indicate the average number of people you will entertain.______________________________________________

*Please check all items that you would like incorporated into the landscape design

Annual flowers Perennial flowers Ornamental grasses
Prairie garden Water garden Butterfly garden
Vegetable garden Trees Shrubs
Entry garden Driveway/car turnaround Patio garden
Walks/paths Deck Stairs
Retaining walls - timber block Outdoor lighting
Swimming pool Foundation plantings Children's play area
Irrigation Lawn Shrub beds border Fencing Mail box
Dog kennel Large lawn for recreation Wildlife garden
Large shade trees Other____________________

Would you like planting beds mulched? Yes No

If yes, would you prefer
Decorative rock Wood chips
Shredded bark Compost Others_________________________________

Please use the following space to provide any other information that you feel will be useful in the development of your landscape design. Please be as specific as possible.

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