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Plan View Drawings

Plan View Drawings

A landscape design is completed when the designer has selected the hard-features and plants to fill all the spaces.

A large project can be very detailed and may require several design sheets to convey all the information. A variety of detailed drawings, elevations and perspectives, are often included to show the specifics of soil manipulation and hard-feature construction.

A designer also uses a variety of lines, graphics, notes, and legends to help present the information found in the completed landscape design.

See landscape design symbols.

See drawings to enhance your design.

An example of a completed landscape design.

An evaluation of sustainability is provided to help evaluate your plans functionality, maintainability, environmental soundness, cost effectiveness, and its aesthetic value.

An example of a design evaluation form.

In conclusion, a sustainable landscape design is the first step in the creation of a sustainable landscape. Sustainability should be the primary consideration in the design of residential, commercial, recreational, and public grounds. Sustainability is a common factor shared by homeowners designing their own properties, owners of small businesses and commercial properties working with landscape design/build firms, as well as by landscape architects designing the layout of recreational and public grounds.

For more information about plant selection for a sustainable design, see Plant Selection.

See references for SULIS design.

See suggested landscape readings.

For plant installation and hard-feature construction, see Implementation.

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