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The Landscape Design Sequence

Please be sure to read the Introduction as well as the Sustainability and Landscape Design and Base Plan sections of this information series. Previous information is needed to fully understand the information in this section.

There are four main steps in the landscape design sequence. Each step is prerequisite to the next step. The landscape design sequence varies depending on the size and complexity of the landscape project. The process may require numerous drafts for a large project. A smaller landscape may only require a visualization exercise to complete one or more of the steps. In any case, the landscape design sequence cannot begin until the base plan has been completed.

The four steps in the landscape design sequence are:

  1. Bubble Diagrams
  2. Concept Plans
  3. Draft Designs
  4. The Completed Landscape Design

The completed landscape design, because of its importance and complexity, is treated separately, in the Completed Landscape Design section.

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